Each member of the Care Educational Trust is committed to enriching the quality of life for children residing in slums and rural areas. This commitment manifests itself in many ways – providing academic support with daily homework, ensuring proper healthcare and medical attention, providing meaningful and creative extra-curricular activities for the children, or fundraising for key essentials like food, clothing and shelter.

Our programmes are envisioned and executed by our volunteers – individuals from different walks of life, with varied skills sets who come together to enhance the experience of childhood for the children.


As said by noble laurate malala Yusif Zai "One pen one board one student and one teacher can change the whole world" . We believe that knowledge is the basis of fulfilling the life.

  •  Providing elementry education to our childrens and essentials like uniforms, accessories, and books to them.
  •  Delivering remedial classes, either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups and encouraging creativity and group discussions in groups.
  •  Setting up computer facilities and imparting computer-based learning and training
  •  Cultivates a sense of responsibility and inspiring the need of selfless services to make this place a better plae to live in.


What is childhood without fun, games and learning new things? The Care Educational Trust’s Extracurricular Activities programme aims to create opportunities for fun and learning for the children by bringing various aspects of music, art, sport and learning into their lives. In short, providing life skills outside the classroom by:

  •  Delivering Yoga, Music, Art, Dance, Sport and any other form of extra-curricular classes
  •  Vocational Guidance, Mentoring
  •  Field trips
  •  Identifying and facilitating placements for children interested in trade schools in lieu of regular academics