Empowering Grassroots

Empowering Grassroots

The growth of the non-profit sector in India, in the last two decades, has been phenomenal. Grassroots NGOs particularly, by engaging directly with the people, are able to participate in the thought-making process of the communities they work with, and thus have the capacity to bring about long-lasting positive change.

Realizing this potential, many genuine organisations have been playing a crucial role in the social and economic growth of the nation, also empowering the bottom of the social and economic pyramid. But their good intentions and hard work are often hindered by various challenges – from unprepared leadership to organisational anomalies, from inadequate resources to an inability to communicate effectively with their target audience.

Hence, there is a crucial need for a dedicated and effective endeavour that is focused on enabling, training and handholding small, genuine NGOs to maximise their efforts on the ground

Care Educational Trust, believing in the ability of grassroots NGOs to bring real change in the community, works towards empowering and enabling them, through its national level capacity building programme, empowering Grassroots.

Genuine grassroots NGOs are identified from all over the country and trained to bring excellence, good governance, accountability and sustainability at the community level.

Under empowering grassroots, intensive training workshops simplifying complex management models, resource mobilisation techniques, effective communication strategies and fund-utilisation mechanisms are held for the selected grassroots NGOs from across the country, which are facilitated by experts from relevant fields.